Welcome 2016!

2016 - January - Mt. View Sunrise-2Happy New Year from all of us (me, wife and the kids) at Merski Photography!  I have had a fun 1st year and I am certain that this year will be much more so.

Thank you for all the likes, shares, compliments, event hirings and print purchases.  I hope I am able to continue to entertain in the future.

With it being a new year I plan on growing and advancing further in different ways.  While I have implemented some pricing and policy changes which are both more advantageous for you, the client and myself, I am planning on attending expanding into different art venues, exhibits and the like.

This experience has been exciting, scary, nerve-wracking and has pushed me out of my zone of comfort and that is a good thing.  Life is too short to not take risks.  Oddly, life can also be too long to never try….

…so try I will!

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