From Expectations to Reality – Sometimes You’re Given a Gift

I had a plan and the skies cooperated.  My gear was packed and everything was in line….then reality….

My oldest son Lincoln has been asking his grandfather, who has difficulty breathing, to go fishing the whole summer.  The weather has not cooperated enough for my father, “Grampy”, to do so.

Of course, everything aligns within an hour of me planning to leave for my photography outing.

What can you do?  You have your child who has been persistent and their grandfather who surprisingly obliges.  Unfortunately, because of safety concerns for both parties, they cannot go alone….

I decided to give in and also not bring my nice camera so I can also enjoy the time.

The shot I wanted has been a goal for two years.  Because of timing of celestial events and the location involved, it only happens once a year.  Last year weather kept me from getting it.  The year before, mistakes……  There’s always next year…..

2016 - August - Taylor Point & Newport Bridge with Full Moon (1 of 1)

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