Hiatus From Merski Photography

2014 - November - Multiplicity Poker-1
Me playing with myself. Let that sink in…..

Regrettably, I am halting taking on new work.

….Until after June 2018!!!

I have to actively walk away for a short while so I can concentrate on building a ninja warrior course and potential pirate ship playhouse for soon-to-be 5 and 7 year olds before May….also repaint a house, sort out a woodshop/garage and several other around-the-house projects….and it’s going to be a lot of work!

Additionally, I’ve gotten away from the creative photography work that have been piling up for the past couple years and I want to now concentrate on.

Any scheduled and annual client work will still be completed, this moratorium is regarding taking on new work.  If you have an event or creative project scheduled for after June, you may still contact me and we’ll go forward.

(This doesn’t mean I won’t post anything….but it may be a while before I get anything else up here.)

Update 4/13/18:

There have been several accomplishments and most are about to come together over the next couple weeks.  We have our 5-year old birthday bash to finish up for…..unfortunately, the pirate ship is out for now so that we may concentrate on the ninja course, sandbox and other yard games.

Here are several quick pictures –

The finished products of everything will be posted after the course is completed…..Like a good exotic dancer, I can’t show everything up front!….and the big stuff is yet to come…..

Update 2/4/18:

1. Workbench #1 Completed

2.  Ninja Warrior Course – Materials Started to be Collected



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