Cranston East Little League Picture Day – May 5th

This year’s Opening Day and Picture Day is Saturday, May 5th.  The detailed schedule is still being made and will be shared once the league completes it.  The options are similar to what is shown below – the final design may alter slightly, but there will be a choice between a “Camo” theme or a black border for the 8×10 or larger prints.  If not selected, the default choice will be “Camo”.  The only print that will have a third choice will be the 8×10 Memory Mate that will have the Baseball/Baseline alternative.

There will also be a poster sized 24×36″ option this year.

These are the main packages:

Here are prints/options that are offered individually:

Here is the order form that will be used the day of the pictures.  You may print out a copy if you’d like or wait and fill out a form the day of.  Sorry, no pre-payments allowed before picture day.

Cranston East Little League Order Form – 2018

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