Updates, Upgrades and Future…

It’s nice to have the luxury to take my time, play around and enjoy my family.  The past few months I’ve been able to catch up and get ahead on some household things, but I have let the fun side of photography take a back seat.

This was the first morning where I went out to play around and while I was able to do so, I spent most of the time sitting on Narragansett Beach just watching the scene.

There are a few jobs coming up, but my family is going to enjoy the summer and I will be testing new lighting equipment, practicing with scenery and macro-photography.  If you need services, especially in landscape, sports and portrait work, please inquire!  Right now, I am looking at mid-August and later for bookings – low-light/evening/location shots are a specialty!

2018 - Narrangansett Beach - Optical Ball

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