Another Photography Break!…

After the busiest month to close out the spring season ever (boo-yah!), it seems things will slow down artificially again as my body gets sliced and diced to bring my one of the my shoulders back to full functionality!

The prognosis is 100% but depending on who you talk to at the doctor’s office, I’m either back in action in several weeks or several months.

What I do know is that my break from photography will be from actual paying gigs…I’m hoping after a couple/few weeks I’ll be able to hold the cameras again and re-start some of my projects that I love to work on (star trails, light painting, other astro-nerd-picture-stuff) as well as some family humor shots that have been absent for quite a long time.

Also, I can’t wait to share some of the wedding shots that were attained over the past month….and as soon as my self-imposed black-out period passes, I will…until then, here are a couple of shots from one of the weddings that took place in Newport a couple weeks ago.

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