North Kingstown vs. South Kingstown Thanksgiving Day Football Game

I had the chance to cover the annual match-up and the weather was just nice enough to have a good day for a contest.  While the score got away from the Rebels in the game, it was entertaining to watch and the venue was great.

If you are interested in purchasing a full, un-marked image from the game, contact me at

Purchase Directions:
1. Let me know, (via email), the file names from the webpage of what you would like.  Ex: “2019 – NK vs. SK – Thanksgiving Day Game (172 of 376)”
2. I would then send you a confirmation email confirming which images and what medium you would like them sent (digital file or print).
3. I would send an online invoice to your email address.  (Credit cards are accepted – or cash/checks by mail).
4. Then either the digital files would be sent or printed images mailed to your address.


1.  A single digital file (full, high-resolution for any purpose):  $29.99 
-if multiple digital files are purchased, the 1st file would be $29.99 and each additional one (1-5) would be $11.99 each, (6-20) would be $9.99 each.  (Files are sent either by email or through a Dropbox/Cloud Service to download – file sizes tend to be large and typically only 1 can be sent in an email at a time.)

2.  Prints range in price, however, due to time, low volume, and shipping, an individual 4×6″ is priced at $35, an 8×10″ is $50, and additional prints (same or different images) are $12 per 4×6″, $15 per 5×7, and $20 per 8×10″.  (Shipping is included) (For you crafty/wordsy folk, the larger(est) print will be the first charge!)

Note:  Most of the images are in a 2:3 ratio, so sizes like 4×6, 8×12, 16×24, etc, would be the final output.  Prints can be done in 8×10 (or other sizes), but the image would/may be cropped from how they appear. Prices vary with increasing sizes.

3.  There are items available such as calendars, mugs, canvas, aluminum prints and the like but that would depend on what you wanted and can send more information if requested.

4. For someone who wants to collude and band together with others a large purchase, all the digital files can be had for $299.00 – and freely shared with those who may want them!

Recommendation: I do recommend the digital file format, it gives you ownership over the full, high-resolution file and can then make as many prints or variations as you would like. …and yes, this is the easiest for me to complete, but most customers tend to be the happiest with this option as well!

Keith W. Mercado Lazarski
Merski Photography


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