Maine Roller Derby – Happy Wheels

I went up to watch my sister’s team the “R.I.P. Tides” participate in a match-up last night.  Being the 3rd match that I’ve watched, I got to understand the scoring much better and it was a blast!  These ladies push the boundaries of friction and force as well as fierce competition.

I cringed with every bump, fall, and take to flight as athletes zipped over, under, around, and through their peers to score points.  I tried to enjoy watching the match more than simply taking photos, but I hope some of the action comes out in what was captured here.

This night was also the last night of MRD skating at the establishment, Happy Wheels, in Portland, Maine.  A better write-up of this is linked here:  BANGOR DAILY NEWS – MRD – HAPPY WHEELS

The web-sized versions here are free, just right-click and save! – if you would like the full-file, they are available for purchase.  Email for more information.

With no further adieu, here are photos from last Saturday night’s match!

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