Hockey – Day 10,385 – The Halfway Point…SRI Mite Wales White & Blue

Hockey is a long season.

So, so long. Starts in September and ends somewhere in March.

The holidays do not give much reprieve from the grind and the season really picks up in January. We’re almost in the major sprint of the season. While the days are short in light, we parents are banished into the bowels of rinks across the region dressed in many layers (I still in shorts….mostly) cheering on, napping and/or ignoring our other children who are running around the bleachers or finding every nook and cranny to hide in the building….

This week I captured two games, one of Lincoln’s team (Mite Wales White) and the team we typically travel and play adjacent with (Blue). I was caught watching the game and enjoying watching the players and speaking with another parent about the progression the kids have made so far. When you spend 4-8 hours of on-ice time a week, it’s great to watch the development.

Lincoln’s ego was greatly inflated in the first game and it shows in his excitement in some of the photos….he scores several goals in the 1st game and his celebrations got longer as the game ended, but the wonderful thing about sports is that egos can be quickly deflated as his team was blown out in the 2nd game.

The final pictures were of the team the following day with a practice at the Washington Trust Community Skating Center in Westerly.

Onto the pictures:

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