Lincoln’s 9th Birthday!!!

Happy 9th Birthday to our oldest spawn, Lincoln!

If you don’t know Lincoln, you probably will someday.

He is charismatic, loves to talk and be the center of attention. Sporadically shy, but loud A.F. He will act first, think later.

Strong opinions on topics he knows as well as ones he knows nothing about. Highly motivated and also easily deflated.

An emotional powder keg.

It’s easy to take some of these attributes as a negative but wrapped together in the 9-year old bundle of ADHD-fueled energy, you get a person with unlimited potential.

Ice hockey and fishing are his passions.

He is adventurous and willing to try just about anything. He is the family unifier and occasional peace-keeper. Hating to see a conflict with his parents, he tries to either deflect the situation or moderate a solution. At the same time, he instigates the F out of his little brother.

He is now halfway to adulthood.

Time can officially slow down now.

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