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Cranston East Little League – Picture Day Is Coming!

May 1st, 2021 is Photo Day for the Cranston East Little League.

In order to make the day as user-friendly and safe as possible, the format of picture day has changed to a paperless ordering system to give more control and access to ordering pictures of your athlete. You will not have to rush on picture day to fill out forms or submit payment until you received notification that the pictures are ready.

***You should be receiving information from the league/your team’s coach on the schedule for picture day. We have not received it as of yet, when we do, we will post it here as well.***

Here is what you need to do:

1. Arrive at the scheduled time for the team’s picture.

2. Look for any updated information at the photography tent for important information and/or offers.

3. Be sure to preview the attached flying for ordering information:

How to best stay updated:
Access Code: PGMC54333
(Recommended Method) Text code to 90738 OR

2. Download the App from the Apple or Google Play App Store OR

3. If you prefer, you may simply order using a laptop or standard computer through the website: