Alastor’s 10th Birthday!

“Juggernaut”, “Curmudgeon”, “Old man”, “Snurg”, “Snurgalicious”, “Baby-Man”, “Churchill”, “Winston Churchhill”

His reading level and comprehension are well beyond his age; however, his basal utilization is of a 30-year truck driver. He likes when you quiz him on math equations on car rides and give you facts akin to Cliff Claven.

Soccer and gaming are his go-to activities.

Lately, he has been hard on referees in various sports – critical of every adjudicated call and non-call alike, especially in ice hockey. He won’t play it, but goddamn, if a referee makes a bad call, you’re going to hear about it.

When you think he’s not paying attention, be careful, he hears you and calls you out.

Yard work? Housework? Any manual labor? Nope. He is the ultimate staller, delegator, and negotiator….but never in your favor.

We do not know what he will be when he grows up, but he counts his money as well as everyone else’s, and if anyone cheats him, you will indeed receive the sharper end of his attention.

Happy Birthday to Alastor George Mercado Kimberly Lazarski

…..the first 10 years of his reign are only beginning!

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