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Since I am the one usually behind the camera, this is the best picture I could find of me not making a ridiculous face.  100,000 plus photos and I am in about 3!
Since I am the one usually behind the camera, this is the best picture I could find of me not making a ridiculous face. 100,000 plus photos and I am in about 3!

I’m Keith W. Mercado Lazarski (MERcado LazarSKI – origin of company name!) and I am a life-long resident of North Kingstown, Rhode Island.  For the past decade I have been full-time Health & Physical Education teacher in a northern public school district.  Previously, I was in finance as well as the human services sector.  I attended Rhode Island College and attained degrees in Business Management, Physical Education and Health Education.  Over the years I have coached various sports including wrestling, rugby, soccer and ice hockey from elementary age through college and adults.  My beautiful wife allows me to use photography as a creative outlet along with my two young sons.  They are the constant targets of my obsession and are happier when I put the camera down…but I can’t help it.  (I get more timeouts then they do.)

To best explain my interest in photography, let me say that I am interested in many mediums of creativity.  I enjoy woodworking, landscaping, scale models, radio-controlled anything, electronics and gadgets in general.  I think that photography best grasps my attention because I can control almost every aspect of the creative process with relative ease (non-child related of course!)…plus it involves building computers for editing, learning software and acquiring more gadgets….hence allowing me to be more creative and expanding opportunities for personal growth.

While photography is not my mainstay, it is an ever-growing passion that has developed over the past 20 years.  Starting with taking pictures of different sports in college, I grew quite assertive in getting the shot I wanted.  When I started taking photographs for my collegiate rugby team’s website, I become obnoxiously obtrusive, but I always knew where to be because of my sporting experience and attained some great and/or entertaining shots with a relatively basic 1.4 mega pixel digital camera.

Over the past 10 years, my tastes have expanded.  The growth of my family, combined with my naturally-twisted sense of humor, has inspired some creativity venturing me into significant photo editing and manipulation.  My photography “style” is still forming, but I significantly enjoy low-light landscapes, light writing, wide field astrophotography, sports photography, black & white, as well as family-oriented, humorous situations.  My personal ambitions include deep space astrophotography and traveling our National Parks and documenting our family’s experiences exploring this wonderful world.

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My Family – Fall 2015

Why Choose MerSki Photography?

You certainly may be wondering what would make me a good choice for your event or completing your photographic vision since this is not my full-time profession.

No, photography is not my main profession.  I enjoy being a teacher…most of the time.  The thing is for me is that if you enjoy working and your family is supportive and that aspect doesn’t suffer, you can pursue more than just one ambition.  My career in teaching allows me to help others to learn and grow.  I plan on remaining a teacher for a long time to come, but photography allows me to express my creative side in a manner that I choose.  What I like about my business focus in photography is that I have the freedom to take the time that is necessary to create a photograph and make it what the customer wants…with some artistic license!  I do not have to rush a job for my own personal gain.  I have time to work with you and set reasonable time expectations to ensure that YOUR expectations are met or exceeded!

Finally, ego.  I have one, but I also know there are many quality photographers out there.  We are all artists that help to capture and express your life’s moments in our own style.  I enjoy what other people do just as much.  While I would enjoy your business, please explore and use these folks as they see the world through different eyes and can present your life in a different, wonderful perspective.  We just hope that what we create together will allow you, your acquaintances, friends and family to enjoy for many years to come.

Contact Information:

Phone: 401.486.6004
email: merskiphoto@yahoo.com

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    1. Dear Claire,

      I was on my way to a charity event to sell prints in which my wallet was full of money for the cash box. I couldn’t have been parked closer to the store and I realized I lost my wallet probably within a minute or two. Obviously, I was upset and my little guys were distressed at watching me tear the car apart and frantically go back and forth.

      Thank you, thank you!

      If there is a print you would like, let me know what one and size and it’s yours!

      Keith W. Mercado Lazarski

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