lincoln & alastor’s Birthday party Summer Spectacular!

Saturday, June 4th, 2022 – 1-4pm*

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Alastor & Lincoln originally had a birthday party planned two years ago and it was canceled due to COVID. If you haven’t been to one of their parties, it’s big! The kids won’t be bored….more importantly, neither will the parents! Bring siblings and fun expectations!

1. Kids may get dirty, wet, hungry….hopefully not hurt, but there will be a lot of activities.

2. There will be activities where there is a higher risk to safety (jumping, sliding, swinging, throwing, zipping, a river, and more). You know your kids better than us, watch them if you feel you need to – seriously…there will be a lot going on.

3. There will be areas of the yard that are off-limits. These are for safety reasons. (Log piles, areas of poison ivy, septic tank covers….)

4. There will be adult events like axe-throwing, corn hole, table tennis, ignoring children, amongst others.

5. If there are allergy concerns, please let us know ahead of time and we will try to cater to/minimize exposure. ….unless it’s hotdogs. There will be hotdogs.

6. BYOB is welcome, we will have a range of beverages available (both alcohol and non-alcohol), however – responsibility is strongly encouraged.

7. I cannot stress this enough, we will redirect your children if need be. As a teacher, I do this a lot. If I think there is a dire safety concern or inappropriate behavior, I will be direct, but as polite as possible. If your children are like mine, they may need a lot of redirections! Redirect mine any time….even just for sport.

8. Most kids will be between the ages of 8-12 – keep that in mind with expectations.

9. This will be an outdoor event. Our house is small and traffic needs to stay outdoors. Port-a-johns will be available. If there is a unique situation, please let us know – there are always exceptions!

10. It really is a great time!!!!

11. There is an outdoor shower if needed. Kids get dirty, your vehicle doesn’t have to.

*4pm is a soft ending time….if you’re late and/or fun is being had, that’s fine!

We also now that there are other parties going on. 1pm is the start time, but if you’er able to come after any other obligations or have to leave ours early, that’s fine too!


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