Annalisa & Bob Papa

A late afternoon rush to get photos before the sun set….the hunt for a shot in the “Golden Hour” of photography.

It was a rushing, stressful session (intrinsically) as we were at a location we should shouldn’t have been and with two kids who gave me all the attention they could muster….kids don’t like to sit long….like at all….and that’s okay because the best pictures are of catching them in the act.

So, for me, I typically “A” and “B” shots.  Everything is subjective in art and what I view as a top quality shot (“A”) it’s possible the client will not like at all.  The opposite could be said for the “B” shots or the ones I rarely show the clients.

I do like to show everything, especially for events and weddings, because a shot I don’t like may evoke a memory or a “oh, she always did that in photos” or “that’s exactly how they are”…..clients know their guests better than I do….regardless, I do have to rate and present the images I take.  I set this up how I basically showed Annalisa & Bob the photos of their children.

“B” Group:

“A” Group:


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