Wickford Shipyard – Aftermath

14 hours after the fire at the shipyard in Wickford, RI.  Looking at it from this perspective, it’s a wonder that the fire only stayed in such a small area/one building.  I believe at least four communities responded to the fire with response also coming from the water.


OBX – Just Some Shots

Outer Banks, North Carolina – After spending a week with friends and family here, we are finally home.  Most of the shots acquired were casual shots, but here are a few that stuck out not of the family…

St. Louis – Archway

This was a forced experience.

I didn’t bring my “nice” cameras or optimal lenses for what I attempted to do.  However, this experience has me wanting to come back and make it a destination to focus on photography.

The Arch itself was much more impressive in person.  When I saw it from the plane coming in, it’s quite obviously smaller than several of the skyscrapers around it.  That changes once you’re at the park.  The most obvious is if you go into the exhibit (which is underground – under the arch – then you come out the exit and look straight up.  Wow.  Insane.  At 630′, it is a crazy feat of engineering….nevermind it’s an arch.  The story of the arch and the reason why it’s there is worth the visit to the museam as well as the history of the city.

I only took a handful of pictures, but you really need to go there yourself.  Make it a stop on a bigger road trip!

4th of July Fireworks at the North Kingstown Town Beach

Great weather.  Excellent turnout.  Music.  Food.  One of the best firework displays the town has had.


A Video from before the Fireworks:

4th of July (okay, really the 3rd….)

It was great to get out to get some photos, but I was impatient as I had a hard to managing the controls with my arm still recovering from surgery.  I rushed settings and didn’t end up with everything I wanted.  However, it’s cool that the Bridge Authority has this feature available for the Newport Bridge and allows for another opportunity to photograph this great structure!

The Beavertail Light is still a favorite site of mine.   I am playing some aerial lights but due to not having the ideal lens on hand, I had to cut the session short as I was not able to accomplish what I wanted.

I will surely have some fireworks pictures within the next couple days, so I will post those when ready!

Happy Birthday America!

Aerials Over Points of Interest in North Kingstown

My recovery continues to move along well.  While it still will be a while before I am back in full swing out of my sling, I can focus on some fun things in the meantime…or points of interest.

2019 - June - Aerials - North Kingstown (9 of 9)
Panorama from North Kingstown High School Eastward

First, North Kingstown High School’s athletic complex is currently undergoing a 3 million dollar overhaul.  The school and grounds are almost 20 years old.  While the track has not been appropriately maintained for several years and was unable to hold meets for a long time, the complex itself has seen much action.  Hopefully, this renovation will keep the sports programs and performing well and hosting many exciting games, matches and meets for years to come.

Second, along Post Road, behind the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce is a property that is slated to have about 20 homes installed.  This project has been in the works for several years and looks to be well underway toward building.  While the old home on top of the hill was taken down a few years ago, this interesting piece of land should add to the continuing debate about the number of new developments in town.

Finally, some aerial shots of Rockwell Amusements at the old Tarbox Toyota lot on Post Road.  When I was a kid, this used to be held at what is now the Gateway to Quonset where Home Goods, Dave’s and Kohls is now.  I’m sure time has faded the accuracy of my memory, but I feel this event used to have more rides and fanfare.  While the weather of the first two days has muted attendance, hopefully, the rest of the weekend shows a significant increase.  (Shots of the location were at dawn to avoid flying over people – Thursday was rained out, and Friday was open after all-day rain)

This weekend will bring me to Maine, and I will bring some of my gear to hopefully gain some fresh lakeside shots as well as some astrophotography!


Another Photography Break!…

After the busiest month to close out the spring season ever (boo-yah!), it seems things will slow down artificially again as my body gets sliced and diced to bring my one of the my shoulders back to full functionality!

The prognosis is 100% but depending on who you talk to at the doctor’s office, I’m either back in action in several weeks or several months.

What I do know is that my break from photography will be from actual paying gigs…I’m hoping after a couple/few weeks I’ll be able to hold the cameras again and re-start some of my projects that I love to work on (star trails, light painting, other astro-nerd-picture-stuff) as well as some family humor shots that have been absent for quite a long time.

Also, I can’t wait to share some of the wedding shots that were attained over the past month….and as soon as my self-imposed black-out period passes, I will…until then, here are a couple of shots from one of the weddings that took place in Newport a couple weeks ago.