Cranston East Little League – Picture Day – April 30th

Online Pre-Orders will be accepted until TONIGHT – 6PM – Friday, April 29th!!! Hello Cranston Parents & Athletes! Saturday, April 30th is Picture Day and we will be there taking team and individual pictures for your child/athlete.  Schedules for when your team is going to have their picture taken will be coming and we suggestContinue reading “Cranston East Little League – Picture Day – April 30th”

Another Night of Cold Air & Beautiful Skies

Engaging in photography is much like being a parent of very young children, the hardest part is getting up and out the door.  From making certain you have all your equipment, batteries being charged and then all the backups….formula, snacks, diapers and wipes…. ….maybe you forgot the change of clothes or the stroller, but youContinue reading “Another Night of Cold Air & Beautiful Skies”

Sports – It’s A Photography Dream!

There is something about sports. I love covering them…and sure, getting some extra bank while doing so…but taking photographs, attaining the right settings, anticipating what is going to happen next and where to be to get the right shot…ooof, it can be about as frustrating to get the shot as it is to compete inContinue reading “Sports – It’s A Photography Dream!”

2 Hours – 24 Exposure Challenge

I gave myself 2 hours and 24 exposures to capture anything.  When you make your own rules, you can challenge yourself any way you want.  I did allow myself (how nice of me) to post-process.  A couple are here simply because I really like them and not because of the overall quality. …I will notContinue reading “2 Hours – 24 Exposure Challenge”