Southern Rhode Island Hockey – 10/17/20 – Smithfield

A quality game by the SRI Rams and their first win of the season! Position play and offside line on offense was much improved. They controlled the first half of the game and maintained the lead through the end. Enjoy the pictures!

Old Mountain Field – Skate Park

This will be the 2nd full year of skating/scootering at the skate park and my kids almost never want to leave. My youngest constantly asks me, “why do the big kids always swear,” and I tell him that, “it’s because they feel comfortable with their friends here and this is a place to blow offContinue reading “Old Mountain Field – Skate Park”

Lake Placid International Hockey Tournament – SRI Mites

My toughest sport photography experience to date. My primary camera took a tumble. Out of commission. My back-up camera & I had to fight off issues with the florescent/LED lighting of the USA Rink – rolling redouts. My cameras have an “anti-flicker” setting that helps to alleviate this issue, but some newer lights OR irregularContinue reading “Lake Placid International Hockey Tournament – SRI Mites”

Deep Freeze Mite Tournament at Waterville Valley

A 4-day hockey tournament (3-day for those of us that didn’t make the finals or semis) nestled in the heart of Waterville Valley. Held at a rink that was colder than the 6°F that was whipping around outside, 6-9 year olds battled on full ice to prove their skills against other teams in New England.Continue reading “Deep Freeze Mite Tournament at Waterville Valley”

Live Audio at Learn to Skate

Had a bit of fun this weekend at Learn 2 Skate. My youngest didn’t want to wear anything as we think he knew the implications, but a friend and I thought it would be interesting to mic up their 4-year old…and it didn’t disappoint! While long, this video shows some of the mental and emotionalContinue reading “Live Audio at Learn to Skate”

Hockey – Day 10,385 – The Halfway Point…SRI Mite Wales White & Blue

Hockey is a long season. So, so long. Starts in September and ends somewhere in March. The holidays do not give much reprieve from the grind and the season really picks up in January. We’re almost in the major sprint of the season. While the days are short in light, we parents are banished intoContinue reading “Hockey – Day 10,385 – The Halfway Point…SRI Mite Wales White & Blue”

Maine Roller Derby – Happy Wheels

I went up to watch my sister’s team the “R.I.P. Tides” participate in a match-up last night.  Being the 3rd match that I’ve watched, I got to understand the scoring much better and it was a blast!  These ladies push the boundaries of friction and force as well as fierce competition. I cringed with everyContinue reading “Maine Roller Derby – Happy Wheels”

2019 – SRI Rams – Mites (White) @Warwick’s Thanksgiving Day Tournament

A bunch of 7 & 8-year-olds playing hockey.  Sure, there’s football.  There’s playoffs for all sorts of sports.  But there’s hockey.  Little kids in over-sized gear pushing a rubber disk about the ice in hopes of Blades of Glory. This group went 2 and 2 for the weekend. Did you know skates needed to beContinue reading “2019 – SRI Rams – Mites (White) @Warwick’s Thanksgiving Day Tournament”

North Kingstown vs. South Kingstown Thanksgiving Day Football Game

I had the chance to cover the annual match-up and the weather was just nice enough to have a good day for a contest.  While the score got away from the Rebels in the game, it was entertaining to watch and the venue was great. If you are interested in purchasing a full, un-marked imageContinue reading “North Kingstown vs. South Kingstown Thanksgiving Day Football Game”