Alastor’s 1st Day of Learn to Skate

Alastor has been keeping away from hockey but always spoke of trying it someday.  Today was that day.  His “brudder” has had the spotlight long enough. He fell no less than 70 times during the hour-long session.  I would be hospitalized after 2 falls at most…but he held it together and did it mostly withContinue reading “Alastor’s 1st Day of Learn to Skate”

Ocean State Soccer – Teams 809 & 103

Week 3 of the 2019 Soccer season started with team pictures (not by me) and games!  With our spawns participating in the U7/8s and U10 divisions, we’ve had a busy morning. Sorry to the 809 parents – with coaching the team, I can’t grab as many photos as I normally would. If any parent ofContinue reading “Ocean State Soccer – Teams 809 & 103”

North Kingstown Skate Park @ McGinn Park

It’s been a fun two weeks since my kids took up skating.  Our 5-year old prefers sitting and using a scooter, but his 7-year old big brother has earned several cuts, bangs and bruises as he attempting drop-ins and ollies…..1/4 pipes, 1/2 pipes and meeting new, cool AF people who are willing to hand outContinue reading “North Kingstown Skate Park @ McGinn Park”

North Kingstown vs. Moses Brown – Div. II Superbowl

This is a week old now, but I’ve been busy and this wasn’t a paid gig!  However, it was pretty cool to watch my old high school go undefeated and win the state championship.  Had to shoot from the stands, but still got some neat-o shots – even with my kids tearing at me andContinue reading “North Kingstown vs. Moses Brown – Div. II Superbowl”