Back to Beavertail Lighthouse….

It was odd to not see the Beavertail light not operating.  Just it’s small beacon.  We were hoping for it’s light-driven backdrop to do some shots, but we ended up playing around with my brother-in-law’s “pixie-stick”…..(that’s not a euphemism)…..

It’s been a while since working low-light and here a few from the night from both Beavertail and of the Newport Bridge.  Yes, these are dominant themes in my portfolio….but seriously, they are awesome subject areas to shoot.

Ocean State Soccer – Week 3 – Fall 2018

Three weeks in.  My favorite part is the final whistle and we get to leave.  I am mostly kidding, but today’s sun was strong and we didn’t prepare for the sun, thirst or general parenting other than showing up.

However, the soccer was fun to watch and the kids are becoming less terrible as the weeks go on!   I didn’t get as many of the other kids as I usually do because I tried to actually watch the game and help coach….like I’m supposed to be doing.


Ocean State Soccer – Week 1 – Fall 2018

Running around with two kids playing on two different teams even when there are two parents available becomes a juggling act, especially when both games are at the same time.  Trying not to show favoritism and being as equally enthusiastic is also tough.  However, we survived Week 1.

To any parents of children shown, these are free…click on the image and save.  These images are good for web-use, not so great for printing!  (There is a nominal fee for print-quality images….if you’re my wife, there is a superfluous fee above and beyond the nominal fee).  Enjoy.

Macro Fun – Spiders Are Our Friends

My wife typically, in a hysterical fashion, sends me off on missions about the house to capture many-legged creatures that share our living space….especially spiders.

She has full knowledge that spiders help keep the population of other many-legged creatures at bay in our home, but she cares not…she wants them gone.  Not dead, just gone.  So, with a pint glass and paper, I spend much of my free time in our residential confines on sorties to rid our home of “unwanted” guests.

The little guy pictured below caught my interest and I wanted to show Marya that this wee one was quite cute and to worry less as only 8 of them, on average, crawl into our mouths annually while we sleep (according to an old adage.)

Click Here For Facts About Nighttime Spider Life And Your Sleep

Wedding Pre-Event Test Shots

Later this afternoon during the event, the lighting will be completely different, the location will have a lot more people and the temperature will be nice and sweaty…..but still had to get some test shots in…..

It didn’t all go swimmingly….  I lost radio contact with the drone about a 1/4 mile from my position at 200′ altitude and I couldn’t get contact with it for what seemed like an eternity.  Had to reset my controller in which time it started to land on its own in the position it was last in……re-established contact with about 15′ from a water landing.

….all jobs have risks.

Updates, Upgrades and Future…

It’s nice to have the luxury to take my time, play around and enjoy my family.  The past few months I’ve been able to catch up and get ahead on some household things, but I have let the fun side of photography take a back seat.

This was the first morning where I went out to play around and while I was able to do so, I spent most of the time sitting on Narragansett Beach just watching the scene.

There are a few jobs coming up, but my family is going to enjoy the summer and I will be testing new lighting equipment, practicing with scenery and macro-photography.  If you need services, especially in landscape, sports and portrait work, please inquire!  Right now, I am looking at mid-August and later for bookings – low-light/evening/location shots are a specialty!

2018 - Narrangansett Beach - Optical Ball

Summer Is Almost…..

My break from photography is almost over.  Sure, I still did a couple of jobs, but I haven’t done the creative work I really got into this for in a long time.

So while this is the last week that my main gig (school teacher) is breaking for the summer, it is the beginning of some fun projects and more family adventures.

A mild start, here are images from this morning at the North Kingstown Town Beach and a sailboat imitating a submarine….poorly.

Summer is almost here…..

Cranston East Little League Photos

UPDATE:  Photos HAVE BEEN DELIVERED.  They were delivered mid-June.  Please reach out to your team’s representative first before contacting the league officials.

Expected delivery time for the League Photos will be 4-6 weeks, so by mid-June the orders will be delivered to the league.

If you have any questions, please email, call or message me.

Keith W. Mercado Lazarski
Merski Photography

North Kingstown Wickford Little League – Week 1 (T-Ball & Coach/Pitch)

For those teammates/parents that have an image they like, there is an option to download with each image.  Do so free of charge!  (If you require a larger version as they are smaller files for web-use, please let me know and I can send them to you.  I’m on Facebook or email me @

If you want me to print, there would be a charge – however, taking the images for free is a pretty good deal and I already did most of the work for you.

T-Ball – Week 1 – 4/28/18:  (scroll down for Coach/Pitch)

Coach/Pitch – Week 1 – 4/28/18: