University of Rhode Island – 3/19/23 – Men’s Rugby – 1st Match of the Spring

The University of Rhode Island Men’s team played Holy Cross in a match that showed URI with a solid defense through the 1st half and capitalizing on at least three occasions to attain a try. Unfortunately, I had to leave just after halftime, but the Rams had a solid lead. These pictures show some ofContinue reading “University of Rhode Island – 3/19/23 – Men’s Rugby – 1st Match of the Spring”

2023 – Lake Placid, NY – Lake Placid International Youth Hockey Tournament

It is interesting to go to a tournament that you enjoy, your child athlete loves and has been looking forward to all year….but they make a poor choice to vent frustrations about a parenting decision by fighting a wall in their room. Losing that fight and breaking their hand subsequently eliminating themselves from participating inContinue reading “2023 – Lake Placid, NY – Lake Placid International Youth Hockey Tournament”

Providence Youth Rugby – Providence Pirates

Rugby is still an obscure sports in the U.S. It really is amazing as to why as it has everything, mostly, continuous action. Youth rugby is still in its infancy and thankfully, growing. There were a couple hundred kids playing in this tournament and several organization is the northeast were represented. I am confident thatContinue reading “Providence Youth Rugby – Providence Pirates”

Cranston East Little League – Picture Day Is Coming!

May 1st, 2021 is Photo Day for the Cranston East Little League. In order to make the day as user-friendly and safe as possible, the format of picture day has changed to a paperless ordering system to give more control and access to ordering pictures of your athlete. You will not have to rush onContinue reading “Cranston East Little League – Picture Day Is Coming!”

Hockey, We still have March to Go!

Last weekend, last day of February. The shortest month is over and spring will soon be here. The backyard rinks have started to melt and while this is the time for a Fool’s Spring – hockey is still with us. This weekend brought the kids two games and two wins! The urgency of defense seemsContinue reading “Hockey, We still have March to Go!”

HOCKEY. It’s Back!!!

Hockey got off the DNR list and has new life pumped back into an almost dead season. The kids are psyched, but even more so are the parents! This game had our guys in Smithfield against a tough team. Reminder to parents of athletes – these pictures are free. Not just these, but the fullContinue reading “HOCKEY. It’s Back!!!”