Fall Sunrise – Perspectives & Reflections

It has been a great, fun year.  Being able to entertain others and getting to work doing yet another thing I love to do is a blast.  I have had a lot of positive feedback as well as advice to improve for the future.  Starting and growing a business takes a lot of time….but soContinue reading “Fall Sunrise – Perspectives & Reflections”

Fall Sports – Book Now!!!!

Have a child participating in fall youth soccer or a high school student in the playoffs?  Would you like professional shots to remember or celebrate the occasion by?  Small prints to posters – memories captured that you and your child can enjoy for many years to come!!! Weekends are pretty much full with a couple reservations still open. Continue reading “Fall Sports – Book Now!!!!”

Cooler Nights Bring on Better Opportunities…

What I love about the upcoming Autumn is the cool skies that bring on a more stable atmosphere.  This provide clearer skies and optimal “seeing” and great opportunities to go out and shoot in low-light! These shots are from the Scituate Reservoir along Route 14.  Wonderfully quiet from civilization with an occasional motorist, but tons of soundsContinue reading “Cooler Nights Bring on Better Opportunities…”

Gift Certificates Now Available

Gift Certificates are now available! Grandparents, parents, friends or that cool aunt or uncle…don’t know what to get that special someone?  How about that sporting event your favorite niece or nephew is playing in?  Candid portraits done at a location?  A humor family portrait? Give something different.  Millions of digital pixels carefully crafted for humor and/orContinue reading “Gift Certificates Now Available”

The Epic Hybrid Gym – Verified Badass 24-Hour Challenge

A 24-hour test of endurance of physical and mental fortitude.  This was an interesting and fun challenge to witness and cover.  Certainly the greatest challenge was had by the athletes, but this was my greatest sport photography challenge for me as lighting varied about as much as can happen from room to room, angle toContinue reading “The Epic Hybrid Gym – Verified Badass 24-Hour Challenge”

MerskiPhotography @ EPIC Hybrid Training in Providence

The Verified Bad Ass Challenge – a 24-hour endurance challenge that will push participants while celebrating their grand opening. Room to participate is available and/or cheer on participants!  I will be there capturing many of the moments of sweat, agony and triumphs! Starts this Friday, June 26th @ 8pm and continues straight through until 8pm SaturdayContinue reading “MerskiPhotography @ EPIC Hybrid Training in Providence”

It’s been a lot of fun lately

Between weddings (as a guest) and the weather providing great opportunities to capture scenery shots, night shots and spring sports kicking into high gear, I’ve been busy! My education doesn’t stop either, current participating in a class on astronomy and astrophotography – two realms I’m mildly familiar with, but want to gain more knowledge and experience! The spring and summerContinue reading “It’s been a lot of fun lately”