BLM Protest – North Kingstown & NK Police Department

This was the second week in a row a peaceful protest was organized at the intersection of Rt. 102 and Wendy’s/Home Depot in North Kingstown. Joining in support were members from the North Kingstown Police Department. In a week where momentum across the nation is building, the NKPD released an official statement regarding the eventsContinue reading “BLM Protest – North Kingstown & NK Police Department”

Bernon Heights Elementary – Last Day Parade

Finally, the last day has arrived. At its conclusion there was a parade. Teachers lined the sidewalk along the school, adorning their masks and safe-distancing. Then the motorcade of students and their families passed by, turned around, and came by again! It was an interesting, fun, rough and unique school year. It’s a tough wayContinue reading “Bernon Heights Elementary – Last Day Parade”

Lincoln’s 9th Birthday!!!

Happy 9th Birthday to our oldest spawn, Lincoln! If you don’t know Lincoln, you probably will someday. He is charismatic, loves to talk and be the center of attention. Sporadically shy, but loud A.F. He will act first, think later. Strong opinions on topics he knows as well as ones he knows nothing about. HighlyContinue reading “Lincoln’s 9th Birthday!!!”

Ocean State Soccer – Week 8 – Final Weekend

The final weekend brought decent weather and a lot of smiles along with league photos (not by me!) and trophies. I had a blast coaching this season.  It was my first year coaching soccer at this age level and first time coaching in about 10 years.  It was an enjoyable experience and I look forwardContinue reading “Ocean State Soccer – Week 8 – Final Weekend”

Newport Bridge – Twilight

The past three mornings I had tried to catch the waning crescent moon, the Newport Bridge and the rising sun with the bridge and was met with success and failure. Using a telephoto lens with a teleconvertor, you have to be patient when setting focus.  You are fighting the focal length, any slight breeze, smallContinue reading “Newport Bridge – Twilight”

North Kingstown High School – Athletic Field

The high school athletic field is nearing completion.  While it appears the track still needs to be completed is looks as though the field will be ready for tonight’s football game with Bishop Hendricken visiting. While I miss the old high school’s field (1994), this is a pretty impressive layout for this year and futureContinue reading “North Kingstown High School – Athletic Field”

Ocean State Soccer – Teams 809 & 103

Week 3 of the 2019 Soccer season started with team pictures (not by me) and games!  With our spawns participating in the U7/8s and U10 divisions, we’ve had a busy morning. Sorry to the 809 parents – with coaching the team, I can’t grab as many photos as I normally would. If any parent ofContinue reading “Ocean State Soccer – Teams 809 & 103”