4th of July (okay, really the 3rd….)

It was great to get out to get some photos, but I was impatient as I had a hard to managing the controls with my arm still recovering from surgery.  I rushed settings and didn’t end up with everything I wanted.  However, it’s cool that the Bridge Authority has this feature available for the NewportContinue reading “4th of July (okay, really the 3rd….)”

Aerials Over Points of Interest in North Kingstown

My recovery continues to move along well.  While it still will be a while before I am back in full swing out of my sling, I can focus on some fun things in the meantime…or points of interest. First, North Kingstown High School’s athletic complex is currently undergoing a 3 million dollar overhaul.  The schoolContinue reading “Aerials Over Points of Interest in North Kingstown”

North Kingstown Lacrosse 1/2 Black – Game 1

First season of lacrosse for Lincoln. I’d like to say I signed him up because he was excited, but I think I was agreeable as it gives me a new sport to photograph.  Either way, we both seem to enjoy it.  Below I will be including some shots I normally wouldn’t due to the factContinue reading “North Kingstown Lacrosse 1/2 Black – Game 1”

Early Spring Sunset & Reflection

Life has been busy of late.  The next few months as the school year closes (work) and my schoolwork (graduate work) ramps up, I will have a couple of photography gigs, personal projects, kids in spring sports and more….  but these are the days we’ll reflect back upon….. the hard achievements to be earned andContinue reading “Early Spring Sunset & Reflection”