Current rates as of April 2023:

Aerial Photography – By quote only.  Each request differs significantly, and rates are by quote.   I am FAA-certified and insured.  Do not underestimate the importance of this.  If you hire someone who is not compliant, the liability can fall on you if an accident happens. *Still FAA compliant and insured – but not actively taking work here….however, you can still inquire.

Portraits & Family PortraitsFREE Session* (Click Here for more detailed information)

Sporting Events –
$160* = 1-hour individual athlete event.  (+$75 for each additional hour)

(***This is for coverage of an event, not to be hired for Team & Individual package orders – please call or e-mail for details for Team & Individual Package Sessions***)

Real Estate – Aerials Only. Prices set by job requirements

Landscapes$150* per hour (plus any additional charges for equipment needed for unique requests***)

Family Humor Individual quote only.   The requirements vary too greatly to have a fixed price.  Prices start at $400.00.

Corporate Events $300.00*** per hour. (Note:  2-hour minimum.  Also, a waiting fee of $100 per hour will be applied when on-site partial cancellations occur between scheduled shots) –  See below for more details.

Weddings** – Minimum: $1750.00 – Includes 4 hours of on-site photography and 1 hour of an engagement photo session (this may be exchanged for an additional hour for pre-wedding or reception coverage).  On-line album post with access to download images.  One photographer.


Every job is unique, and the pricing may be altered at any time, but all parties will be in agreement on the services and pricing before work commences

2nd Photographer, additional time, physical reproductions (prints and hardcover albums) and anything else not mentioned will require an additional fee.

50% deposit is required at booking.  Full payment is required 1 week prior to the event.  The deposit becomes non-refundable 1 month prior to the event.  For anything booked within 1 month of the event, the deposit is not refundable.  (Why?  Because I purchase supplies and equipment for each wedding, and some of it cannot be returned.  Also, there’s a lot of setup time put into each event that is not shown outside of the actual on-site photography….that’s why photographers charge the amounts we do!)

Additional Information a.k.a – “the fine print”

Rates include all post-processing and editing of photographs.  You will receive access to an album that contains the final exposures in which you can download via the internet onto your designated device.  All files will be in .jpg or .tiff format unless indicated or agreed upon otherwise.  Merski Photography will keep files for 1 year from the date of open access to the album.

Files requested by Flash-Drive, DVD, or other media will require an additional charge.

Currently, final prints are processed with outside vendors.  Whether a 3×5″ print, single panel canvas print, diptych, triptych or quad canvas print, metal print …or a t-shirt, I can complete it for you.  Pricing here is fluid as this is an out-of-house service.  I can give a rough expectation of price.

If a 2nd photographer is necessary, the approximate rate is $75* per hour in addition to the agreed rate(s) above.  These are freelance photographers or other small business owners that help each other in bigger events.  (*Rates can vary as they have different expectations.  Quality has already been vetted for you!)

*Rates are for service.  Minimum 1 hour (Corporate rates at a minimum of 2 hours).  (Except for events that require a 2nd photographer – 3-hour minimum will apply)  If the location requires admission, parking, or any other reasonable miscellaneous fee that would be applied to the final charge.

Sporting events: Typically, I only like to cover 1 athlete at an event.  Because action can occur so rapidly, especially in team sports, it could be a detriment to have multiple people attempt to “go in” on a split package, as I could miss a great shot for one of the athletes.

…..but this is subject to the situation at hand (….a gymnastics meet vs a soccer game….)

as always – if you are still uncertain, please ask!

**Weddings – From engagement photos, wedding rehearsals, day-of preparation (especially as the emotions build), the ceremony, to my personal favorite: the reception!   These are time-consuming and typically all-day events.  Not just the actual wedding itself, but the planning and the post-processing and getting albums, prints and any other products required.

Honesty is the best policy here.  If you really enjoy my style and you are planning way in advance, we can discuss planning you into our itinerary so ensure that your special day has our complete focus.

***Unique requests for landscapes include, but not limited to, items like scaffolding, aerial lifts, helicopter rental or anything that is agreed upon beforehand.  Also, a waiting fee will be applied during shoots that are scheduled for an extended amount of time (i.e. – corporate headshots)  and while there, some individuals may cancel, but waiting must occur until the next person is ready to go.  This fee is currently $100 per hour.  Hey, your time is important….understand that I value mine!

****Prices may change without notice.  Quotes are guaranteed for 30 days.

Contact Information:

email: merskiphoto@yahoo.com
Facebook: Click Here

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