Aerial Photography

2017 - March - Drone - Wickford Harbor Sunrise (2 of 2)

– FAA Certified and insured.  Sure, many people have a drone and can take a picture, but are they certified, insured and capable?   From real estate, fun candids, landscapes, sea scapes or the need to inspect a tree, roof or chimney…Merski Photography has you covered!

Sporting Events | Team Sport Packages

 – are you and/or a friend or loved one may be participating on a team or in an activity that you want memorable photographs of?  Instead of trying to get that shot and missing out on enjoying the event, I can focus specifically on your desired event and capture dramatic and exciting shots as well as ancillary scenery exposures that help to compliment the mood of the event.

Theater & Recitals*

– let’s face it, and I’ll be honest here, cell phones and point and shoot cameras simply cannot match professional cameras and lenses.  Do your images typically appear blurry when trying to capture even slight movement in low light?  It’s a skill that requires experience and the right equipment.  Low-light can enhance building drama, excitement and build toward a crescendo in theatrical delight. Don’t let that moment be lost because you missed because you were trying to get that perfect angle with gear not designed to do what you are asking of it!

Corporate Events

2014 - Merski Corporate Picture

– do you have an annual event or team-building exercise you would like to have promoted at your company?  Do you want to capture the energy and enthusiasm to promote a positive work environment for everyone to share, feel and remember after the event is over?  Yep, I can do that!

Family-Humor Portraits

2014 - Merski Family Humor Picture

– have a funny idea for a photo, but not sure how to make it happen?  Need a different kind of Christmas card to send to friends and family?  Well, a green screen, editing software and a PG-13 personality can help you create something that your family will be shaking their heads and laughing about for years to come.

Family Portraits

– if you are looking for formal shots with a standard backdrop, there are many other fine, more affordable options for you…and honestly, I recommend them.  If you are looking for location shots in a “candid” fashion at your home, outdoors or somewhere in Southeastern New England, then I may be the one for you.  But if you’re curious, always call or e-mail me if you think I would be a good fit for you.


2014 - Merski Landscape Picture

– a home can be a wonderful place.  How about a delightful, complimentary shot of your home at night?  During or after a snowstorm?  Fall, summer or spring?  What about an aerial shot?  There are many ways to express what you want your home to say to others.  But not limited to just your home.  It could be your business, open space or anything that you have access to in the great outdoors.

Contact Information:

Phone: 401.486.6004

*  Some venues may restrict access, pre-planning is highly suggested so arrangements can be made with the venue to allow access to typically restricted areas.  Contact with the venue and media passes may have to be attained beforehand, if they will be allowed at all.  Please keep this in mind when setting expectations.  Also, external flashes may also not be allowed and/or are simply considered rude and distracting to performers and athletes.  Courtesy will be shown relative to the venue attended.

** Certain events may require a “2nd” additional photographer, to meet your expectations.

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