I have focused on many areas of photography since I have started. From time to time I purposely shift from one area, like astro-photography and focus on light painting or humor and composite photography. One year I may do more weddings or sports photography and then switch again.

Inspiration comes from many areas. Other photographers do great things with a camera and their imagination, I hope to capture or create interesting images that keep the viewer, including myself, coming back to finding something appealing or interesting time and time again.

Online Store

Most images here are available for purchase. If there is one that you are interested in, please contact me at

Sporting Events

Action photos of adults & kids participating in life-long activities.

Family Humor

Invented situations that involve lots of creativity and patience!

Landscape & Astrophotography

Land, sea, shore, and the sky – Day & Night. Images of the world around us.


Wide angle views of the world. Images that require extra space to fit in all the vastness and details that a standard format cannot.

Weddings & Portrait

Formal and fun. Captures of beautiful moments enjoyed by others.

Corporate Events

Pro-level situations that require a capture of photons!

Memories Captured.

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