University of Rhode Island – 3/19/23 – Men’s Rugby – 1st Match of the Spring

The University of Rhode Island Men’s team played Holy Cross in a match that showed URI with a solid defense through the 1st half and capitalizing on at least three occasions to attain a try. Unfortunately, I had to leave just after halftime, but the Rams had a solid lead.

These pictures show some of the action by the URI Rams and will be used in future promotions of rugby for the youth of Southern Rhode Island and possibly the rest of RI.

2023 – Lake Placid, NY – Lake Placid International Youth Hockey Tournament

It is interesting to go to a tournament that you enjoy, your child athlete loves and has been looking forward to all year….but they make a poor choice to vent frustrations about a parenting decision by fighting a wall in their room. Losing that fight and breaking their hand subsequently eliminating themselves from participating in the hockey tournament.

Obviously we still went. It was a frustrating parenting experience and was especially frustrating for Lincoln to watch his team play without him. Hopefully a lesson learned.

The tournament itself was fun to watch. The SRI organization had a pretty good turnout of high-place finishers and the pictures below mostly show Lincoln’s U12B2 team playing, but there are others in there as well.


North Kingstown Town Beach Aerials

A sunrise nautical scene from above at the North Kingstown Town Beach. Almost always a calm spot to view Narragansett Bay, this beach is inviting all times of the year. This time is from the views of almost water level to about 110′ above the water.