Ocean State Soccer – Week 8 – Final Weekend

The final weekend brought decent weather and a lot of smiles along with league photos (not by me!) and trophies.

I had a blast coaching this season.  It was my first year coaching soccer at this age level and first time coaching in about 10 years.  It was an enjoyable experience and I look forward to helping out in the future.  However, a big thanks to all the kids, parents and especially to Tommy Vigil as an assistant coach who kept me organized during the games.

Now off to hockey….

Ocean State Soccer – Week 6

A raw weather day, but at least the rain held off and many play still showed to play out their games.  Columbus Day weekend sports are a tough ask as families are trying to eek out a last weekend of short vacations before the holiday rush.

And….the invasion of the “Untitled Goose Game”…..

NOTE:  For parents on Lincoln & Alastor’s teams (Teams 103 & 809), please let me know if there are images you want in full-resolution.  These images can be copied/downloaded and are great for using on social media, but not so much for printing.  Free of charge.  If you want me to print them, enormous  and outrageous fees apply.  (half-kidding about that last part)

Newport Bridge – Twilight

The past three mornings I had tried to catch the waning crescent moon, the Newport Bridge and the rising sun with the bridge and was met with success and failure.

Using a telephoto lens with a teleconvertor, you have to be patient when setting focus.  You are fighting the focal length, any slight breeze, small vibrations, and of course, your settings…which of course, only comes after you get to the right location to set up composition.

Sunrise and moon trajectory apps, are good…but not perfect.  Locations can be off by hundreds of yards and your dealing with small windows of micro-seconds to line up celestrial objects with terrestial landmarks….F**k.

Some shots that I miss, I won’t have an opportunity for a couple years…..until the literal moon, earth and sun line up perfectly.  Photoshopping isn’t always the fun way to do things….you have to earn it.  (*Note, NO Photoshop was used for these images – a couple are completely unedited and most are touched with global adjustments in Lightroom)

Air refraction was an issue as I was about 3.5 miles away from the bridge and I had to keep upping the shutter speed to decrease the blur of the intricate details of the bridge.  Only about a dozen of images were good of about 200 taken.

So, below is a collection of the last three mornings.  While I have accumulated hundreds and hundreds of shots of the Newport Bridge, it’s a facinating subject that I will continue to shoot long to come.

******By the way, don’t use a telephoto directly into the sun unless you have a solar filter and/or understand the risks to your camera (and eyesight) if you don’t use a filter.  It can melt your retina AND camera’s sensor right quick.******



North Kingstown High School – Athletic Field

The high school athletic field is nearing completion.  While it appears the track still needs to be completed is looks as though the field will be ready for tonight’s football game with Bishop Hendricken visiting.

While I miss the old high school’s field (1994), this is a pretty impressive layout for this year and future competitive events for the Skippers!

Ocean State Soccer – Teams 809 & 103

Week 3 of the 2019 Soccer season started with team pictures (not by me) and games!  With our spawns participating in the U7/8s and U10 divisions, we’ve had a busy morning.

Sorry to the 809 parents – with coaching the team, I can’t grab as many photos as I normally would.

If any parent of any team wants the image, you can save it from the page here.  If you want the full file/no watermark or a print, let me know.  These images here are free of charge, the others….well….I’m only so charitable…..

Team 809:  (Team 103 below this)…


Team 103:

Wickford Shipyard – Aftermath

14 hours after the fire at the shipyard in Wickford, RI.  Looking at it from this perspective, it’s a wonder that the fire only stayed in such a small area/one building.  I believe at least four communities responded to the fire with response also coming from the water.


OBX – Just Some Shots

Outer Banks, North Carolina – After spending a week with friends and family here, we are finally home.  Most of the shots acquired were casual shots, but here are a few that stuck out not of the family…