End of the Winter I – Indoor Soccer Session

Losing isn’t fun. Losing a lot is less fun. Losing all the games is disheartening. Never giving up is learning.

Coming off an awesome outdoor fall season into the indoor session, we were hopeful about what we could accomplish. At the end of the fall, we kept emphasizing how much different the speed is indoors and that the need for quick decision-making was of utmost importance. It still was a bit of a shock when the first game happened. It also didn’t help that it was against what ended up being the best team in the league.

We struggled the entire season. If we could only count the 2nd half of games, we would have won quite a few. We were slow to recognize proper field positioning and passing to a space. Our defensive coverage gained much experience in what and what not to do.

This playoff game was a 25-minute sprint against the 1st place team. We took an onslaught of attacks the first 15 minutes and hung with them, only down one goal. While we lost the match and the season ends, we have many takeaways to move through the rest of the winter’s practices and head back outdoors for the spring season – our happy place!

I didn’t get as many pictures as I’d like, but enjoy what is here. Note: these (and all) the sports images I post on this page are optimized for web-use only. They are relatively small files that are not great for printing (especially larger prints). Let me know if there are images you want to print that are bigger than 8x10s and I can send you a larger/better file.

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