2016 -Epic Gym’s Verified Badass 24-Challenge

2016 - June - Epic 24 Hour Badass-2.jpg

The event is over.  The results are in.  Everyone is a winner!

Okay, that last part is not true, but everyone should be proud of themselves.  This challenge is exactly that, a challenge.  Attempting this is tough enough.  I’m happy I was able to hide behind the camera and document it.  The events were tough, but it seems the introspective mind games that are played were the toughest!


To athletes:  I know last year I openly posted the photos for anyone to take as they freely wished, unfortunately, this year I am asking for a little fee for the photos.  (Hey, the gear, insurance, computer and time add up….plus the wife and time away from being a parent!!!)

With that said, if your plan is just to post a copy on your Facebook page or text to a friend and family is all you want, right click on the sample photo and share away….but if you plan on printing or want a full, high resolution picture for other uses, you are going to want the full file.  Anything over 4×6 you will want the full file for the best quality….if you print these files that you can freely see, they will appear slightly pixelated and blocky!  If you like that, hey, enjoy….but don’t blame me!

There will be multiple price options depending on whether you may want just the file or if you want it printed out by me.  (Some pricing options will be much higher if you choose canvas or aluminum as the medium)


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