Point Judith Light….or so I thought…

I went to Pt. Judith Light to capture some shots of the light and sunrise, but once in a while, plans change.  Met a fisherman named Peter (Peter, email me for the Dropbox Link at merskiphoto@yahoo.com) and we engaged in conversation as I had the drone out.  Long story shortened, he has a [commercial] vessel that was leaving Narragansett Bay and heading to Seattle, Washington!  Peter stated it will be a 30 day venture, but closer to 20….regardless, he asked if I could take a couple of shots and some video for him.

A surfer and his son were also there taking in the waves and the father mentioned if I would take a shot or two…..so here we are…..minimal focus on my original task and now shooting, SQUIRREL!!!!

I haven’t flown the drone over open water where I cannot reach it up until now.  Suffice it to say, peer pressure is a bitch and flying your investment about 1/2 mile off the coast to get a ship at 10 knots with strong gusts is a bit concerning, but everything worked out.


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