Win Thank You Cash!

I am not a marketing expert, so this is both an experiment and a sincere and fun way to say thanks to those that have purchased prints or hired Merski Photography for events.

The Catch:

If you “Like” our Facebook Page, you will receive ONE entry into the drawing to win a cash prize.  If you officially leave a review under the Facebook page, you will receive TWO entries into the drawing.  If you like, review* AND share the Merski Photography Facebook Page and/or website, you will receive FIVE entries into the drawing.

The Facebook Page:

The Date:

The drawing will be Saturday, June 17 – winner will be notified via Facebook/e-mail.

The Prize: $100.00! (Sure, it may only be $100….but think about all the things you have “liked” or promoted on Facebook and you’ve gotten less value from!)

Keith W. Mercado Lazarski
Merski Photography


*Reviews are asked to be honest.  Negative/constructive reviews will not impact entries!!!!

**Immediate family and in-laws are excluded from this drawing.**

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