It’s Fall Sports Season Again! Time to Get Action Shot!

Fall Sports Photography:

Sure, you have a cell phone….but the quality and content can be shaky and the zoom is typically terrible….plus when you print, you can’t seem to get much more than an 8×10….assuming it all goes well in the first place…and wouldn’t you rather just simply enjoy the game while someone else gets the shot for you?

$100* for 1 hour of coverage (good for little one’s shorter events like soccer) $160* for a 2-hour event – typically good for older kids and adult matches.

You don’t need every image of your little ones in full-HD glory….but once in a while, it’s spectacular!

*additional time is charged at $75 per hour if hired for a 1-hour event initially and $50 per hour if hired for a 2-hour event initially.

Credit cards are accepted!

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