St. Louis – Archway

This was a forced experience.

I didn’t bring my “nice” cameras or optimal lenses for what I attempted to do.  However, this experience has me wanting to come back and make it a destination to focus on photography.

The Arch itself was much more impressive in person.  When I saw it from the plane coming in, it’s quite obviously smaller than several of the skyscrapers around it.  That changes once you’re at the park.  The most obvious is if you go into the exhibit (which is underground – under the arch – then you come out the exit and look straight up.  Wow.  Insane.  At 630′, it is a crazy feat of engineering….nevermind it’s an arch.  The story of the arch and the reason why it’s there is worth the visit to the museam as well as the history of the city.

I only took a handful of pictures, but you really need to go there yourself.  Make it a stop on a bigger road trip!

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