January Update 2020 – North Kingstown Town Beach Playground Progress

The playground at the North Kingstown Town Beach is being updated/upgraded via a $400,000 grant (with a 20% matching requirement by the town). Looking forward to how this turns out!

A quaint beach geared for quiet, family oriented engagements with the bay, I spent many days of my youth at this beach. While the old equipment provided a sense of nostalgia, they were in various states of disrepair, but did see a lot of use over the years. My kids still visit this beach once in a while, especially since it’s an easy 10-15 minute bike ride. It’s also a nice place to stop on your way home from the larger beaches.

With the bandstand half-shell and in a typical summer that is not dealing with a global pandemic, the grounds can hold fairly sizeable events such as fireworks and concerts. Having the beach and playground make these grounds a great location for a fairly worry-free event for families.

Again, it will be great to see what the final product is for this playground and I hope there are designs to improve the concession stand/restroom area.

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