January Update 2020 – North Kingstown Town Beach Playground Progress

The playground at the North Kingstown Town Beach is being updated/upgraded via a $400,000 grant (with a 20% matching requirement by the town). Looking forward to how this turns out! A quaint beach geared for quiet, family oriented engagements with the bay, I spent many days of my youth at this beach. While the oldContinue reading “January Update 2020 – North Kingstown Town Beach Playground Progress”

October early morning fishing & swimming

So, this site is certainly a combination of work and family content. While I have slowed down how much I carry my camera gear on family outings, I do try to keep up from time to time with shots that we can go back to and enjoy. Lincoln has been obsessed with fishing and forContinue reading “October early morning fishing & swimming”

Last days of Summer

School is back open, sort of. The beaches are a lot emptier. Fall sports are back in play…sort of… And the leaves are turning. But, this also means that Narragansett Beach has been re-opened to the commoners with their gates opened and chain link fence taken down. Even on this 43 degree morning, surfers wereContinue reading “Last days of Summer”

Beavertail Lighthouse – May Sunrise

As I have stated before, this is one of my happy places. Whether it is to take photographs, look at the night sky, hang out with my wife and family and to calm the mind. Typically, it’s quite windy. In moments it isn’t, especially in the early morning or at sunset – wow. Peaceful. IContinue reading “Beavertail Lighthouse – May Sunrise”

Kaiser Tree Conservation & Henrik’s Tree Service

A friend, Dan Northup, has been letting me know about cool arborist jobs they have been doing in the area that would provide interesting photography opportunities. I missed out on a couple of them due to schedule and finally was able to get to one. I was very conservative with my shooting and did notContinue reading “Kaiser Tree Conservation & Henrik’s Tree Service”