U10B – Southern Rhode Island 2022 Lake Placid Tournament

Pictures, experiences, hotels, junk food, tobogganing, pizza, snow, pools, hot tubs, adult beverages….and hockey. So, so much hockey. Knee hockey, pond hockey, tournament hockey. The Olympic facilities. The USA Rink, 1932 rink…..the hallowed 1980 rink. Memories. Some of the kids have been here before and many visited for the first time.

These are some of the photos captured over 3 of the 4 games the U10B team participated in. These are not from the official photographer of the venue. Take, copy, borrow, and steal these images….however, these images are only optimized for web-use….meaning, if you try to print them, they will probably not look too great. If you want the full files, please let me know via email @ merskiphotography@gmail.com!

Note: the lighting in the USA is terrible for photography, you’ll notice that the professional photographer that was at the venue mostly stayed in the 1980 or 1932 rinks as the USA rink causes a lot of color banding in many of the images. If this were a paid gig for me, I would have never let many of these images see the light of day…..but these are our kids……so I didn’t want the “throw” them away.


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