#pushupchallenge – Day 30 & the Newport Bridge

Day 30 of the pushup challenge for me. 7th week of distance learning and it will be at least 7 more. It’s depressing and not much fun. Making the best of it is one thing but having uncertainty…that’s stressful. However, I am still able to make lessons and videos for my students and most ofContinue reading “#pushupchallenge – Day 30 & the Newport Bridge”

Pushup Challenge – Day 16

Day 16 of #pushupchallenge! Have a bunch of friends, teammates from the gym, co-workers and students joining in! If you are a student or co-worker, take a video or picture of yourself do whatever amount or style of pushup to me at klazarski@woonsocketschools.com so we can make a cool, entertaining and motivations video for allContinue reading “Pushup Challenge – Day 16”