October early morning fishing & swimming

So, this site is certainly a combination of work and family content. While I have slowed down how much I carry my camera gear on family outings, I do try to keep up from time to time with shots that we can go back to and enjoy.

Lincoln has been obsessed with fishing and for the past two weeks it’s been a constant barrage of “dad, can we….”, “dad, can we….”, “dad, can we….”, “dad, can we….”, “dad, can we….”, “dad, can we….”, “dad, can we….”, and so on.

“dad, can we….”

While I have severely limited my photography work and only taking on very small, highly socially-distant jobs – family life is busier than ever, so Lincoln’s persistence is based off the fact that we do not have a lot of time to focus on fishing has been downright harassment! In the end, we forced in a morning where he, his brother Alastor, and I took twilight visit to Silver Spring to fish and then went to Narragansett Beach for a walk….the the two knuckleheads took a dip….with nothing to change into afterwards.

It was a blast.

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