New Years Eve – 2018

Then end of another year!

It’s been a success in some ways and very quiet in others.  I was not able to accomplish much of the photography goals that I had for myself.  I keep a small notebook with me and doodle down ideas that pop in for projects and I literally have not completed a single one of them this year.  Family takes up a lot of time!

While I am still able to shoot some shots that I enjoy (like the ones included here) the ones I want to do are more involved and require much more time to set up and execute.  My normal excursions usually last about an hour or two and most of the projects I have would be overnight….and when you have a family and a full-time job, some things have to wait, but not forever….

The winter months are where I am able to do a bit more, so hopefully I can crank out a project or two over the next couple of months….for now, enjoy captures from the last couple nights.


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