Southern Rhode Island Hockey – Jr. Rams

Sure, I have considered sending my children to St. George’s in Newport – boarding and all….even if it’s $61,550 a year.  According to them, they are only a high school, but I’m pushing hard to have them take early registrants.  Regardless, I think we got a solid discount playing at their rink today….

While we’re still a few years away from pondering the crushing debt-load of such a venture, we are preparing to journey back into travel hockey as Lincoln is now finishing up YEAR 5 on trying to be the next Bobby Orr.  Yes, he has a long way to go, but he has been perfecting his post-goal celebrations and fist-pumps.

Switching over to the Jr. Ram’s house league this year was a nice change of pace and slowed things down this year to allow Lincoln to see how he want to proceed at his young age.  With the volunteer coaches and great teammates, he is looking forward to trying out for next year’s Jr. Rams Mites travel team and beyond.  We’ll be there to support him and I’ll have my camera ready to capture him and his teammates!

The next two weeks brings the end of the season and tryouts, but this past weekend brought some fun scrimmages and practices.

Enjoy!  (Parents who want the full-sized files, please message me on Facebook (“Keith Mercado Lazarski) or email me at


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