Old Mountain Field – Skate Park

This will be the 2nd full year of skating/scootering at the skate park and my kids almost never want to leave. My youngest constantly asks me, “why do the big kids always swear,” and I tell him that, “it’s because they feel comfortable with their friends here and this is a place to blow off steam and not worry about adults for a while….but you are not old enough to talk like that!”


For all it’s worth, I’ll take all the swears and conversations of varying topics if they keep cheering on, instructing, humoring, guiding and encouraging my kids like they did today…

Here are some pictures of my guys and a few of the older “kids” doing their thing. Wish I could have stayed longer to capture more.

One comment

  • Those older kids are GREAT with the younger ones, my sister takes our 8 year old grandnephew there all the time. They teach him and are a hoot!!!!


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