Old Mountain Field – Skate Park

This will be the 2nd full year of skating/scootering at the skate park and my kids almost never want to leave. My youngest constantly asks me, “why do the big kids always swear,” and I tell him that, “it’s because they feel comfortable with their friends here and this is a place to blow offContinue reading “Old Mountain Field – Skate Park”

Live Audio at Learn to Skate

Had a bit of fun this weekend at Learn 2 Skate. My youngest didn’t want to wear anything as we think he knew the implications, but a friend and I thought it would be interesting to mic up their 4-year old…and it didn’t disappoint! While long, this video shows some of the mental and emotionalContinue reading “Live Audio at Learn to Skate”

North Kingstown Skate Park @ McGinn Park

It’s been a fun two weeks since my kids took up skating.  Our 5-year old prefers sitting and using a scooter, but his 7-year old big brother has earned several cuts, bangs and bruises as he attempting drop-ins and ollies…..1/4 pipes, 1/2 pipes and meeting new, cool AF people who are willing to hand outContinue reading “North Kingstown Skate Park @ McGinn Park”