Southern Rhode Island Youth Hockey – 10.10.20

Hockey is back. Rinks, players, parents, and organizers are getting used to the new format and trying to adapt all the regulations to a varied environment.

Players have to be fully dressed in vehicles and parking lots before going in at some facilities and other places allow use of locker rooms. Some places allow use of bathrooms, others do not. Some you have to pre-register online, others at the door, and a few you have to do both.

Parents are frustrated. Organizers are frustrated.

But the kids have smiles. They get to play.

If anything, this is a lesson in patience and right now, the players are the teachers with the parents taking a big lesson.

A side observation, even though we’re only a few games in, this whole different environment seems to have muted parents in the stands and the language is more supportive of the players while playing. Maybe just a coincidence, but still….it’s a good thing.

NOTE to fellow SRI Parents: all the images here are free for you to take and use. These images are optimized for web use and could produce different results when printed. If you need a high-quality file, let me know and I will digitally send it to you.

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