NKWLL – Game 2

Little League games are something to watch. As I stated a long time ago, I think baseball for most kids is a tough challenge before a certain age. Sure, t-ball is cute to watch….but then it gets really awkward for a long, long time. My opinion is that it is an older kid sport, like 10-12 on the early end. Although, regardless of my opinion, it really just matters if the kids are having fun.

So, so, so many walks….so many pitching prompts…..so….so many wild swings….

However, it’s more fun to watch as a parent that I thought and baseball is a great sport to take pictures of.

If you are a parent of an athlete on my kid’s team (Cardinals), all the pictures here can be taken, copied, downloaded, screenshot, manipulated, used however you see fit for your child. If you need a full resolution image for printing without a watermark, let me know. All is free…..otherwise, this gets weird (unless you want me to print or produce something).

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