Cranston East Little League – Photos are Ready!

The pictures are ready!

You will need the access code: PGMC54333

1. If you have not already registered, text the code to 90738 OR visit

2. To search for athletes and teams you will have to either use the athlete’s name (First and Last name or just the Last name) and the team name OR use the FaceFind feature one you are registered.
(it is possible to pull up more than one athlete in some cases if you use the name search.)

3. You have options for packages or a la carte items individually. The phone app may take a little bit of time to get used to. It may be easier for some to use the website on a laptop or desktop computer.

Our format changed over previous years, primarily because we want you, the customer, to have more options for image choices for the final print. In years past, we would pick the image to go into the package you ordered. Because of the bulk nature of how a picture day is, this is a great way to balance out speed and efficiency as well as add customer choice.

….also, you are not rushed to make a selection at the table on picture day!

If ordered by the end of this weekend, you will be able to use a coupon code for free shipping for orders of $40 or more.

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