NKW Little League Photo Day(s)…..!

The North Kingstown Wickford Little League (NKWLL) used to have one Photo Day…..but now they will have 12!….or 20!

So, because of COVID-19 and the desire to get the kids playing, a large, single-day Photo Day was not the priority. In order to get the season going the focus was on game and practice safety protocols. While the single Photo Day is in many ways easier and gets the memories captured in a much cleaner format, it was decided to go with the multi-day, pre-game option.

Over the next couple weeks, Merski Photography will strive in getting team and individual photos before many of the already scheduled games. This may make it more convenient and easy to get this done under existing conditions. This may include adding an additional 15- to 30- minutes to the arrival time of each team and may actually go into the beginning of each game.

For example, I will get as many individual shots as possible. Then, during the 1st inning, I will take athletes on the team up to bat and try to get each of their individual shots. Each athlete should take less than a minute each. Then at the bottom of the 1st, the other team’s athletes. Between the before pre-game set-up and 1st inning, one or two teams could be completed fairly quickly.

The ordering process this year will be paperless. You will need either a cell/smart-phone and or a computer.

This is what is recommend:

1. Text the league’s division Access Code:

Tee Ball – PGRK43355
Player Pitch – PGFE45664
AAA – PGFT46269
Coach Pitch – PGWR22955
Majors – PGHN83493

to “90738. This will register you to the NKWLL’s designated PhotoDay photo gallery & ordering system. If you have athletes in different divisions you will have to register with 2 or more Access Codes.

2. After all or most of the league photos are completed (this may take a couple of weeks), you will then received a text message indicating that the PhotoDay gallery is open and ready for ordering.

3. The application used will be able to pull up your athlete’s photos either through facial recognition software called “FaceFind” or by each athlete’s name. Because of the format of this season, we cannot guarantee that each athlete will have their name tagged to be searched, but we will do our best to get that feature completed as accurately as possible.

4. You can then choose which photo and products/package you want to order.

The benefits of this process is that you get more choice and time over which photos and products you want to purchase. Let’s face it, some of the packages can be expensive and on a typical picture day you can feel rushed to get the order form filled out and to the photographer just to get the picture taken during the assigned time slot. This process takes much of that rushed aspect away and you get more choices in the image of your athlete to be used.

The other benefit is that if there isn’t an image of your athlete you do not like, you don’t lose any money! No money is spent unless you order AFTER seeing the images!

5. Because of the format how late into the season it is possible that there may be teams that do not get an opportunity to have a picture day. We (NKWLL and myself) will be working diligently to get to as many teams as possible.

6. It will be very difficult to reschedule or provided a special photo shoot time if you miss your team’s designated time-slot. Please try to be on time if it’s your team’s scheduled photo day.

Please follow any safety protocols given to teams by the league. It may be stated that the team photos require athletes to wear their masks.

Thank you for your patience!

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