Beavertail Lighthouse – May Sunrise

As I have stated before, this is one of my happy places. Whether it is to take photographs, look at the night sky, hang out with my wife and family and to calm the mind. Typically, it’s quite windy. In moments it isn’t, especially in the early morning or at sunset – wow. Peaceful. IContinue reading “Beavertail Lighthouse – May Sunrise”

RV Endeavor, Narragansett Towers and The Wall

The RV Endeavor is a super-cool research vessel and its purpose and history are best explained via the following webpage: RV Endeavor. I just like coming to the bay campus early in the morning to enjoy the cool, calm air and water and finally took advantage of the ship being docked before its next adventure.Continue reading “RV Endeavor, Narragansett Towers and The Wall”

Newport Bridge at Twilight – Take 293

The Newport Bridge.  Again.  And again.  And again. You know what?  It will happen again next month.  Next year.  Next decade.  And there will be many other photographers who gravitate here to take shots.  With the advancing technology, it’s only getting easier…and I’m fine with that. I was actually here for a shot for aContinue reading “Newport Bridge at Twilight – Take 293”