Rocky Point – Revisited

Full moon, 50 degrees with a light to moderate breeze on a January evening. Bright. So, so bright.

We (my fellow photographer pal and brother-in-law – Dan Jacobvitz) spent a few hours on the grounds of the former amusement park, Rocky Point. An old amusement ride tower, the arch and the pier were the focus. I was hoping the pier was still in full disrepair and was not aware it was being rebuilt. However, it was cool to see it in mid-transformation.

Another area was the arch. A 60-foot reminder of the park that was originally from the 1964 New York World’s Fair. It was one of eleven such structures made and this one use to be the water-slide entrance.

Finally, we stopped at a tower that is a remainder of a former ride. Don’t know or remember which one

The pier will hopefully be finished this year and I hope that the park continues to provide fun opportunities for kids and families for a long, long time.


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