The Last Game – A Photography Project

Sports gave me a lot. It was hard to walk away from rugby when I did, but it was the best decision for me at the time. I constantly look back and wonder…

Knowing when to hang up your cleats, sneakers, gloves, racquet, bat or what have you can be an easy decision or one of the toughest.

Here’s the project – the working title for now is “The Last Game”

Being 40 and having people around me call it a career, I am interested in documenting in both words and pictures the last game of a career in sports.  I would like to capture what could be a person’s planned last game, match or at least part of the last season.

I am interested in those that are approaching middle age and older.  Must be interested in writing openly and respond to questions.

If you know of someone interested in sharing or participating, message me or forward my contact information.

The catch: I get the content and use of all images. (Media Releases must be signed) You get access to medium resolution images (good for 4×6/5x7s or web use) but a modest charge for larger prints files and no charge for covering the photography of the event itself.

This will a long, ongoing project. (Multiple years)

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